Marcelo Falciani





Secondary School

Official website of the Alfredo Kraus Secondary School in the district of San Blas, Madrid. The main objective was to present complex information in the simplest possible way. The drop-down menu allows access to all the content of the site in a single click.

Premium Distributor

Mímame is a client with a passion for minimalist design. The website is informative, but the graphic content takes preference over other concessions. Image is power!


On María Antonia Zamora‘s website, the colours are intended to convey the intimacy of the work and combine with the materials used in her work. The website is designed as an exhibition space in which the atmosphere created supports the objects on display and order is essential so that no sculpture is missed.

Childcare online shop

The quiet tone and clarity in the presentation of the information were the guidelines for the design of the Momakids online shop.


María Teresa González‘s website had to transmit her passion for Asturian literature, without losing sight of the period during which she developed her creative activity, the 80s and 90s of the last century.

Veterinary Clinic

Passion for animals. The challenge with Pavones Veterinary Clinic was to design a friendly website, showing the information in a direct and close way. Both the graphic and written language support this idea and give continuity in each of the sections up to the farewell footer: See you!

Subsidised School

Official website of Siglo XX1 School in the district of Moratalaz, Madrid. The corporate colours chosen by the educational community itself and the graphic icons to identify each of the sections stand out on this page.

Early Attention Centre

Maravillas Kids is an Early Attention Centre for wonder boys and girls, tireless fighters who face vital, school, family and environmental difficulties and, at their own pace, overcome all obstacles. The website had to transmit this energy and positive message to our superheroes.

Club de Buceo Narval | To dive into it

The official website of the Narval Diving Club was designed to submerge you in it. A website that you don’t navigate, but dive. With the mouse we go deeper, until we reach the abyssal footer. When you come out, be careful with the decompression!


Marcelo Falciani

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