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Distrito Olímpico

Corporate image redesign, honoring the previous iconography and the color range. The work focused on modulation and legibility.


Seven messages are present in this brand. Each one of us distinguishes one or the other at different levels, depending on the gaze and the point where we fix it: a house, a character, a star, a meeting point, a hug, a puzzle whose pieces well placed give rise to a letter A.

Club Virtual de Lectura

We turn a traditional book into pixels.

Descubre tu Biblioteca

Thinking of the first readers and the doors to fantasy, what better image than an adorable little monster?

Maravillas Kids

Superhero boys and girls who get over themselves every day, born fighters whom we dress with their shield and suit. Logo and mascot.

Club Deportivo Newman

Sometimes the solution is hiding behind the name itself. With some typographical adjustments the name reads the same forwards and upside down.

CTC Comunicación

The emphasis placed on communication. The feeling with these clients has been giving results for many years. Let’s keep it up!

Excelencias Españolas

For this export brand of Iberian products to the United Kingdom, we created a very special X and used a very powerful color combination to convey quality.


For the creation of this brand we have taken into account three basic concepts (family, brand initials and childhood) and sought a meeting point between them.
The two parents hold hands while the son plays by his side.

Premio Lorenzana

The capital and illustrated L helped us to situate ourselves in the historical context, and the typography of the name rounded off the cultural and historical character of an award dedicated to those who had distinguished themselves for their scientific and intellectual contribution to the field of Humanities.


Rescuing the identifying elements of an existing brand, we gave a new shape to the same brand. We kept, although rounded and softened, the original triangle. And we promote, modernizing it, the previous typography of straight serifs.

Circuito Biosaludable

As the objective followed by this program was the acquisition of healthy habits through activities in nature, we went after that concept and found a butterfly. What a surprise when we discovered that they were also beautiful lungs full of oxygen!

Arnedo / Ciudad del Calzado

Starting from the silhouette of a shoe last, we draw the initial A. The asterisk also used on the City Council shield symbolizes the sun over the hills and caves of the region. The colors used, green and yellow, complete this idea of ​​landscape and nature.

With this brand Fabiana Estévez and I won the contest promoted by the Municipality of Arnedo.


The premises: do not use capital letters or images. We whisper the brand, lowering the volume on each syllable, reinforcing the sequential nature of a very sonorous name. Typography and color adjustments did the rest


The cardiovascular benefit of nordic walking was the basic pillar of communication in the creation of this brand. That is why the heart crossed by a path that is also the initial S of the name.


Recently created startup, with a very broad scope of action. For this reason we do not use any reference and we focus on turning the name into a Company. In & co.

Ganaderos de Zamora

Starting from a typography from the 60s, we have evolving with this brand from 1992 to today. Helvetica with retouched edges, resting on a soft field, which is also splashing milk.

Pablo Picasso

25 years of history and a look to the future. The motto of the Pablo Picasso Public School on its 25th birthday. And what better way to celebrate them than being observed by a cubist portrait that is also a numeral!


For this professional chat application we work with the idea of ​​communication.
The boomerang is the question we ask. And the response we received.


Printery specialized in packaging. Therefore the game of the box that opens and closes, with the four-color colors.

Harinera de Salvanés

Brand redesign with the aim of not altering the description in the Trademark registry. We respect the existing elements: blue wheel, yellow spike, red letters/red background, without flaunting creativity. The designer has to respect the essence, fleeing from protagonism.


Nothing is random. The silhouette of the plate hides a slight shine that is a crooked smile, a subtle nod to the peace of mind that the company wants to give to the timely delivery of merchandise.

Programa de Senderismo

Design of the image for one of the programs of the Culture and Sports Foundation of Castilla La Mancha. What a great time we had creating this nice family!

Centro Veterinario San Miguel

The loving and fluffy imprint becomes the cross of health. The typography, also fluffy, accompanies the carefree character of the brand.


Marcelo Falciani

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